Executive 2021

President – Rob Fox

Secretary – Joanna Felton

Treasurer – Ian Gregory

Members at large – Joy Ann Bannerman, Pauline Truesdale, Alice Sinclair



Conductor – Musical Director – Robert Van Mari -recently retired Aug 2021

Concertmaster – Emily Vazquez

Orchestra Librarians – Joy Ann Bannerman, Judit Kabath

Choir Librarians – Jean Moore, Lenore Underhill

Past Presidents: Rob Fox, Sonia Teuwen, Joy Ann Bannerman, Terry Harrison

Rehearsal Choir Conductor: Sue Doughty

Rehearsal Orchestra Conductor: Joy Ann Bannerman

Choir Accompanist: Ryan Qu


Stage Managers РMary Hebden and Norma Pannell

Riser Co-ordinators – Karen Bigelow, Robert Fox, Mary Hebden

Front of House – Mark Felton

Intermission Reception – Karen Bigelow and her Intermission Team

Ticket Counter – Kelly Nielsen and Bev Southerland

Concerto Competition Chairman – Alice Sinclair

Poster/Graphic Artist – Jane Steward

Concert Slides Co-ordinator – Heather Robinson

Webmaster – Robert Mari

Ticket Convenors: Orch- Rachel Anderson or Wendy Robb, Choir-Robert Weston