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First rehearsal of our 30th Season was postponed  due to covid-19 concerns, and started on October 18th  to Nov 29 2021, Monday evenings at Sylvan United Church in Mill Bay. Then we returned and started on Feb 28th 2022 due to the next pandemic wave. We were able to perform one concert April 23rd 2022 between the pandemic restrictions. We now will meet again September 12th 2022 . The church is found next door to Frances Kelsey High School. We start at 7:30pm and end around  9:30 pm. We welcome all new string members especially violinists. Playing at a Grade 6 cons. level or higher is advised for best enjoyment. Stay safe and we hope to make music together for our 31st Season” in 2022-23.  Our new resident conductor is Nathan Jacklin. Have a good 2022 summer break!

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